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YES MAN {2009}

A guy challenges himself to say “yes” to everything for an entire year.

last january 2009, i watched this in the cinema when it was launched & it immediately created an impact on me because it involved 3 things that are very dear to me: photography, adventures, plus stars that included the one & only jim carrey, the ever so hot bradley cooper, & of course my female crush, zooey deschanel. it surely entertained me, but my fascination ended the same time that the movie ended. in other words, it wasn’t enough to be included in my “all time favorite films”.

then came october 2010. i was going through a difficult stage in my personal life when one night i randomly caught this showing on hbo. i laid there & watched it again for the second time, however something unexplainable hit me right after the movie finished. it was as if a divine intervention had occurred, i actually cried during & after watching the entire film. it suddenly drew realizations & most of the actors’ lines really stabbed me. in the end, i realized, it may sound insane, but i had this new found urge to be a yes woman.

2010 was such a colorful year. though having to face a lot of trials back then, it wasn’t exactly rebelling but it was a period when i would be out most of the time, including weeknights, doing nothing except drinking & partying with friends. i had my share of problems, and admittedly i was “running away” from a lot of things. in other words, i was a leading a life that was so safe, so predictable, nothing but routinary.

after watching, i suddenly had this crazy idea of daring myself to be a yes woman only for a week. it was such a miracle that i lasted it & the “dares” that came my way ranged from shallow to totally something that’s beyond my usual self, even included doing errands i’d usually refuse to do & saying yes to a date from a guy who has asked me out a couple of times but i’d always end up declining. trust me, it was fun in a way, but it was one of those moments that i wished that self dare didn’t exist. not that he was awful, i was really the one who had issues that time.

fast forward to december 2010, i had this deep craving to reboot myself anew in the coming year. i missed that week-dare i did a few months back, and it was then when i decided that come 2011, i will be a yes woman the entire year. it was a new found goal, a resolution that i never exactly had and believed in. of course there were certain limitations, especially if it involved monetary matters, but as a whole it was a goal to start saying yes to life. my ideal life. it was time to step out of my comfort zone and start living the life that i have dreamed of, and doing things that i’ve always desired to explore & revive.

now it’s january 2012, a year after i promised myself to say yes to my new life, & through God’s ways i am very proud & happy to say that 2011 was the best year for me in terms of self fulfillment & self growth. i found myself doing things i’ve been wanting to do, going to places that i’ve dreamed of visiting, & best of all, maturing in a way that i have never thought of achieving. it was nothing but a crazy decision, but i sure don’t regret doing it at all, not even a tiny ounce.

one day i hope to meet jim carrey or zooey deschanel in person, & simply thank them for making this film that happened to be the root of my life’s turn around in 2011. (of course i can only dream, but i tweeted them though ت) it’s never too late to live your life. if you find yourself having that "urge" of starting all over, i leave you 3 simple yet powerful words: just say yes!

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let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j