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✈ 11 memorable firsts in 2011: 8th - dream revivals

there are plenty of things that i had missed so much and always craved of repeating them again but time never permitted in allowing me to. and that is why, it is with great happiness that i present the things that i was able to do AGAIN last 2011. these are activities that took me yearsss before being able to perform them again. they’re not even difficult to do, i just never found the time to re-do them again. :)

1. i don’t even remember the last time i rode a bike, not even any memory on who i was with. i’m just positive that i haven’t done it in the past 9 years, since i still have a somehow vivid memory of life in the recent 9 years. :) then finally one day, i just decided i wanted to bike again, if i still even knew how, so my wonderful friend accompanied me to qc circle and we were like children stuck in a playground. that day was hilarious because we were surrounded with kids and there we were, 2 full grown adults, biking the day away. we ended at night and the feeling was so unexplainable. it was sort of a shallow award winning moment that surely brought out the kiddie in me. and of course staying true to my “firsts tradition”, i took a shot again using my polaroid to capture that magical moment. ㋡

2. reading an entire book cover to cover • haha, yes. any close friend of mine would know that i’m anything but a book worm. i can read countless newspapers and magazine articles but my eyes always always and i mean always fail me whenever i read a book. and i’m not exaggerating at all, the one and only book which i have successfully finished from cover to cover, with no cheat whatsoever, was candice bushnell’s sex & the city, last 2003. and of course that’s due to the massive influence of the show, not even a wholeheartedly voluntary calling. even all my book reports during grade school and high school were done by former boyfriends. the only thing i had to do was review them carefully in order to pass all the oral tests that partnered with them. and for the record, i was so blessed enough to have such genius former lovers, for i got the highest grade in all my reports. haha!

going back to my revival, last year i was killing time in national bookstore when i suddenly found myself being mysteriously lured into the books section. i spent half an hour just browsing through the books displayed until my eyes spotted this shining shimmering book on one corner and i just got possessed and decided to purchase right then and there. frankly speaking, i was hypnotized to get it mainly because the title spoke of something that had been lingering my mind for the longest time. it was a double cover of two titles —- “why do bad things happen to good people?”, then the back had “why do good things happen to bad people?”. i was very pleased and satisfied with my impulse purchase because the book enlightened me in so many ways and made me realize a lot of things most especially on how i view life. i was very proud of it that i even shared it to my dad, and my dad in turn shared it to my brother-in-law. that move alone was enough to make me feel happy and contented about my repeated accomplishment. :)

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