nuff said.
… or third.
deja vu.

last 2010, i gave my friends a very unique & fun 2011 planner so that same item was what i had used all throughout last year. this year, however, i had been meaning to buy a new one but i just never found any journal that stood out, at least enough to convince me to purchase it.

but voila… during my trip to singapore february of this year, at the most unexpected time, from the most unexpected person, i actually received my very own planner! i don’t think my friend, who’s not really a generous individual, was actually aware how delighted i felt upon receiving this for the very reason that i had been in search for a new “unique & fun” diary to share my whole 2012 life with. it may not be as hilarious as my previous one, but the fact that i got it as gift during the time that i needed it the most’s enough for me to cherish and use this.

and although i have been very busy during the first 3 months of the year, i decided to finally use it last april 1, as part of my new self mantra: “new beginnings”. so far, i’ve enjoyed filling it up every single night right before going to sleep. my next goal is to find time to record the memorable moments of my year beginning from january to march.

it’s only the 4th month of the year yet i’ve been welcomed with a LOT of deja vu’s & really mind blowing revelations already, things i had never imagined being haunted by again & new experiences i never thought i’d risk for. i cannot wait to read this entire planner at the end of this year & hopefully be proud of the person that i “will become”. the person who gave me this might have given it for a very random reason, but it has surely started affecting my daily life that will last for the remaining 8 months. like what i always say… it’s really the small things in life that make a BIG difference. ;-)

ay. sobra!!!
actually… yes.
bring it on, life!!! 

april, i now declare, i am sooo ready for my new beginnings! 

happy easter!!! =j

bring it on, life!!!

april, i now declare, i am sooo ready for my new beginnings!

happy easter!!! =j

a recent realization. ;-)
don’t take it for granted!
kaboom 💣
tragic. just tragic.

Love enters through an open door. Love goes to those who need and deserve it. Be deserving and love will follow. ❥

SO different.

let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j