with my life being ever so crazy i’m not even surprised about this!

with my life being ever so crazy i’m not even surprised about this!

#100factsaboutme • from twitter

today the #1 trending topic worldwide in twitter is about “100 facts about me”. i find it so interesting reading friends’ tweets because i discovered unknown trivia about them.

100’s too much so here are 10 shallow facts i can share publicly:

  1. i have inborn incomplete eyebrows. no matter what i do, whichever salon i go to, they still grow back to their original shape like this ☛ ~

  2. i have a thing for moles. i can spot whenever there’s a newborn mole on my body no matter how small it is. in addition, they’re proportionally aligned all over that whatever i have on the left, i also have the same version on my right side. and this is no joke. 

  3. i’ve been collecting 5peso coins since 1992. it started as a childhood fantasy of ‘owning golden coins/treasures’ and when i’ve collected enough, i felt hesitant to even touch them. few years after, the 10peso coin was launched and i added that to my collection. my last count amounted to P5,+++.00 but that was solely for year 2009. i plan to give the entire collection to my grandchildren (not even to my kids!) or to the babyQ (my pug) fund so the new owner can sustain her lifestyle in case i die (whichever comes first).

  4. i can write using both my right and left hands. i am this weird special. and that’s not all. i can write in 8 methods namely:

    1. normal (left to right)
    2. reversed (right to left)
    3. upside down
    4. reversed upside down
    the remaining 4 would be the left hand versions

    the catch: even at 25, i still use stick figures to draw a human being.

  5. i have a long memory. it’s a blessing and a curse in one. blessing because i can remember random incidents with specific details but a curse because it’s not easy to make unpleasant memories vanish. i can still recall some scenes from way back when i was only 3 years old and my older siblings got stunned that those flashbacks have been stored in my memory despite my tender age then.

  6. i have a wide (and wild) imagination. it’s safe to say that i’m known to crack people up but i have to admit that most of the time sometimes i also wonder where or how i come up with such ideas. one thing that i’m not ashamed to share is the fact that i catch myself laughing alone when something funny pops up in my mind even when i’m in public or driving. it used to scare the life out of me but like what people say… walang basagan ng trip.

  7. i am blessed with the ability of letting people confide in me effortlessly but i in turn have the biggest problem of breaking down my walls. i may be the loudest in the room but you’ll be surprised on how i could hush till the very end when it comes to serious matters.

  8. in a shallow sense, i get easily bankrupt due to the following sins (in order): gadgets, shoes, watch, lipstick and just recently, airline seat sales. these things equate to impulse buying meaning i can’t say no when i see something really yummey on the spot. thank God handbags aren’t included here otherwise i’ll end up in shopping rehab.

  9. i have this disorder which still remains unnamed. i always tend to buy something in two colors even if it’s exactly the same model. example would be buying same pair of shoes but getting one in gold, and one in silver. or exact model of watch but the other comes in pink, one in orange. i’ve been looking for the term that would best fit this description but i still can’t find one. if you do know what this is called, you will save my almost 6year hunt for this ‘sickness’.

  10. i consider 2011 a very fresh start that embraces nothing but positive firsts and i want to keep track of the special memories but i hate writing and i love expressing emotions through photos hence the existence of this tumblr account. whew! ;p

let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j