crazy. ;-)

Spend My Life With You

Eric Benet & Tamia

effortless! ♡
now if only you knew…
effortless. ☑
believe it or not.
get the diff?

The Way You Look Tonight

Michael Bublé

woke up today and decided to watch one of my favorite films, my best friend’s wedding. (trivia: i used to love this movie so much that i designed my own prom dress based on julia roberts’ maid of honor gown.) anyway… this is not the one from the soundtrack but i really like michael bublé’s version.

may you sway to this while hugging the love of your life. enjoy! 

awwwww…… #affected
priceless. ;)

She Makes Me Fall Down


any girl will automatically feel like a queen once this song is dedicated to her. ;)

it’s a girl thing! ;)

So Weightless

David Choi

it’s been used several times but this still has the power to make me fall all over and over and over and over again. ;)

haven’t felt this moved in a long time. this video is such a genuine reflection of what couples go through almost all the time. i wasn’t really psyched to see this, so when i was watching i literally dropped everything aside & focused on this film alone. i tell you, words can’t even express the impact it has created on me. it made me look back on my past relationships which i haven’t done for so long. i felt thankful that i still maintain a healthy relationship with most of my former flames, though sadly there are some that ended up defining the word ‘strangers’. at the end of it all… we really have to cherish every moment we have with our partner, for we really won’t know what we’ve got till it’s gone.

good luck not being affected!

let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j