✈ 11 memorable firsts in 2011: 9th - dream recreational course

my mom is a magical cook. i’m not being biased, i could have written best or greatest. i chose magical simply because it’s the closest term that can describe her cooking skills. even if she was raised with a silver spoon, you’ll be amazed at how excellent she is in cooking and making her own signature dish, even without taking up any formal culinary course. she can come up with the most delicious tasting meals even when pressed for time. unfortunately though, she got into an accident just a couple of years ago so now she can’t cook anymore due to her medical condition. it’s because of her that i was so inspired to learn how to cook, hoping to achieve even half of what she used to do. this is the primary reason why i’m so eager to have a ‘career’ in the kitchen… aside from being the taster. ;)

then there’s my dad, who’s a diabetic. he has an extreme sweet tooth, probably what we, his kids, all got from him. during the holiday season last 2010, it was painful to see how he would try to avoid all the delicacies during parties, and how his face would glow whenever he finds something sugar-free. this is likewise the reason why i got so motivated to finally clear my schedule and just do it - take up culinary! :)

my very first class was a short recreational course that involved baking sugar-free desserts. i wanted to take another course, but i prioritized this mainly to surprise my dad. it was such a happy day, i remember giggling at the start of the class because being in that room alone already felt like a dream come true. sounds shallow, but it’s something i’ve been wanting to do for years… i just never found time to follow my heart. i bake though, but it’s all experimental and very limited to the flavors i want (mostly mango and hazelnut chocolate). this time however, it felt different as it was something formal already so i found myself learning all the “right” fundamentals of baking.

soon after, i graduated from baking to cooking and what makes me more proud is knowing the other more important stuff, like chop, dice, boil, marinate, mince, and other things that once sounded as alien terms. of course i knew what they meant, i just didn’t know how to “formally perform” them while cooking. at present i’m so far from being called a cook, but i have improved a lot from a simple “eater”. best of all, now i can cook my own favorite filipino dish without asking for the maids’ help. =Þ

when i get to have my own place in the future, i will definitely make sure that my kitchen will be anything but ordinary. it’s something that i will absolutely save up for so i can have my own playground right in my own home! ♨

let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j