and CD is the mother? ;p
oh how i’ve missed this. when will you ever perform here in manila?!?

oh how i’ve missed this. when will you ever perform here in manila?!?

✈ 11 memorable firsts in 2011: 11th - dream concerts

never in my wildest dreams did i expect that 2 of my favoriteEST singers will even think of performing here in manila, considering they’ve been considered as musical icons since the 80’s. yes i’m talking about my #1 favorite, janet jackson, as well as my #2, kylie minogue. upon finding out than janet was gonna be here, i immediately bought vip tickets, the most expensive i’ve ever spent on any concert my entire life. we landed just 11 rows away from her and the whole time we were just dancing and singing the night away. it was so unbelievable! i couldn’t believe that the one icon i’ve been so loyal to every since i was in 6th grade was there performing right in front of me. i wanted to faint but i was too happy to. シ

for kylie however, she went here on my birth month and i happened to watch her concert for FREE as a birthday gift i had received. it was truly the best birthday present i had gotten that year. her concert was absolutely mind blowing, especially her extravagant production design and the steaming hot dancers. i heard my all time favorite songs and i just kept on shouting at the top of my lungs. the night was filled with ecstasy, most especially when she finally played one of her classics, “especially for you”. i was screaming the title the whole time so just imagine how i looked upon hearing the intro of the song. the people surrounding me started laughing because i was anything but sane. after watching, we transferred to a bar and we paid tribute by playing her songs. the night ended with me dancing and singing and of course getting intoxicated, all accompanied by her presence. ;)

then there’s the script, whose songs have the capacity to stab and slap me all over and over. their lyrics are really so magical, it’s as if they can relate to every situation of every living broken hearted being. it was just kinda unfortunate that the person i was with didn’t know most of their songs, but i couldn’t care less. hearing “the man who can’t be moved” live was the best part of the night.

maroon 5 came and i scored some vip tickets as well, being seated just a number of rows away again. i got to see this with some friends and honestly apart from their songs, the main reason why i wanted to go was to see adam levine live. no explanations needed further, i’m sure all the women out there totally get me. but as a bonus, they played sunday morning towards the end and it was really the song that i was waiting for the entire night.

and finally, pitbull. the one person that i would tweet every now and then, begging like a retarded fanatic. his songs are special because every time i’m in a bad mood i just play his tracks and i automatically find myself singing and dancing my worries away. words cannot even explain how i love his single “give me everything tonight” for it brings back so many wonderful and crazy memories, and of course he sang that as his finale. let me warn you though, i mean it from the bottom of my heart when i say that i was nothing but a possessed fan during his entire number. it was so unforgettable, too good to be true! a very awesome way to end the year that i really love. the only missing person i wanted to see was katy perry. =)

aside from these performers, i also had tickets to bruno mars, incubus and black eyed peas but had to let them pass for personal reasons. regardless, i still love 2011 for giving me the best year in terms of my favorite singers. i’m still waiting for dave matthews band and britney spears to come over, and since it’s free to dream, i’m hoping the spice girls can have a reunion here as well. hah, who knows!!! :-)

I Just Can't Let Go

David Pack

nothing soothes my mind more than sounds of the 80’s. ᴞ

that’s why i loooove singing! ;p
a.k.a. former theme songs haha :o

a.k.a. former theme songs haha :o

let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j