you + the beach simply make this true.

my version of heaven on earth.

since i always dream big (a.k.a. ambishosa), i google maldives expenses from time to time just to remind myself that i’m really ambishosa this N amount away from fulfilling my greatest dream and that is, to be in this perfect paradise someday.

at present, i am proud to say that my savings make me eligible to travel to maldives and enough for me to have an accommodation to stay in. this means i can finally swim indefinitely, dive in ecstasy and simply live the life i’ve always dreamed of, except i didn’t mention that my funds are enough to send me back home.

kidding aside, i know one day i will be in this place same way i knew that i would own a pug years ago. back then when i was years younger, it was considered such a big ‘one day’ dream but it did happen so i just know that as long as i never stop believing (and seriously start saving up), i will reach my ultimate heavenly sanctuary soon.

i just know, it will happen. and hopefully, years before i get issued a senior citizen id.

let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j