✈ 11 memorable firsts in 2011: 7th - dream tame down

i was serious when i proclaimed that i was craving for a transformation from my 2010 life as i welcomed 2011. in line with this, part of rebooting myself was to attempt bidding farewell to my old bad habits, and that’s exactly what i have successfully achieved.

to summarize my 2010 self, almost half of my annual income just went straight to never ending gimmicks, nonstop parties, and of course, limitless drinking. i wouldn’t call it alcoholism, but i surely stepped a notch higher in terms of my alcohol intake. 2010 was a colorful year in terms of my social life, but i knew that it came to a point wherein it wasn’t healthy anymore. it would felt weird when a day would go by without drinking cocktails or beer or hard drinks, even as low as drinking alone just to “kill time”. there’s a specific restobar that i got so addicted to, simply because i found myself feeling very comfortable with the place and got to meet a lot of new friends. i would go there even after work, during weekdays, just to drink and mingle with different sets of friends. as expected, i even celebrated my birthday party there and since i was a “regular”, the manager gave me such an incredible deal and even threw surprise free drinks for me on that night. it surely was memorable, but one day i just woke up and decided it’s time to change my ways.

like what i’ve been consistently mentioning in my recent “2011” posts, i never really had nor believed in making a new year’s resolution. and since it’s the first time that i ever dared myself to make one, i decided it was timely to challenge myself in taming down as well. and so, even if it was sort of difficult for me to do, i promised that i will not step foot on that restobar again during the whole year. it was difficult at first, and i would even get sarcastic remarks from friends who were close to me and knew of my lifestyle, yet i did it. i actually stayed away from my home away from home, for almost 1 & a half years. and no i did not result to finding a new bar that i would make as a replacement, i simply took the initiative of really controlling my partying and going out every night, most especially my drinking habit.

then there’s another story about smoking cigarettes. since i’ve been traveling a lot whole 2011, i found it very difficult to adjust in most of the rules of hotels and resorts that involved smoking inside the room. admittedly, i wasn’t a heavy smoker, but when there were alcohol involved, my smoking would double. plus i soon realized, i had already developed an uncontrollable habit of smoking whenever i’m in the bathroom, and that’s the #1 thing that i wanted to stop. i became so dependent on smoking inside the bathroom, so i wanted to quit that by starting with my very own. it started only for 4 days, then weeks passed, the next thing i knew i was hitting the one month mark. don’t get me wrong though, my goal wasn’t to quit smoking at all, in fact i even avoided announcing it to the whole world so not to jinx it, but i was able to reach my goal. it took me more than 3 months of being smoke free, but on my birthday i ended up lighting a stick again due to being carried away with the wonderful celebration i was having. no regrets though, i’m not trying to sound defensive or anything, but if there’s one thing i learned is that it makes it so easy to quit, as long as you’re really determined to do it. in fact i got surprised that i didn’t have a hard time, only because i was focused on the goal of stop smoking inside the bathroom. up to this very day, yes it’s unfortunate that i still smoke, but i’m glad that my real mission (to cut my bathroom-dependence) was a huge success. i know in time, when i am fully ready and wholeheartedly prepared, i will decide to quit and it’s gonna be easy. in time. ;)

at present, i still haven’t gone back to my former favorite bar, but it’s also because a blessing came in last year when my sister acquired a bar that’s located very near my house. it would be hypocritical of me to say that i don’t drink a lot anymore, but i’m proud to say that i don’t drink as much as i used to. in fact, now i drink with friends only to entertain them whenever they try out my sister’s bar, without having the intention of getting drunk as a way of ‘escaping problems’ this time. it’s never too late to make changes in your life, and trust me when i say this… the moment you make a firm decision about something that has good intentions, the world conspires in making things fall into place. i’m glad i was able to tame down from my 2010 life. :-)

let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j