✈ 11 memorable firsts in 2011: 5th - dream aquaventures ☑

there is nothing more that can ease my stress and worries away than to be in the beach. i believe i was a mermaid in my past life, i really do. ever since i was born, i’ve been exposed to that kind of environment because my family owns a beach house in the province and that is why we were raised to be beach bums. while most parents would be so controlling and protective over their kids’ sun exposure and swimming duration, my parents were too cool to just let us be. i can’t even remember how many times i had damaged face/back due to excessive peeling, but thank God i’m blessed with good skin that recovers fast. it’s simply in our genes. ;)

since i mentioned that we’re a family of frequent beach goers, it doesn’t come as a surprise that my siblings and i are into water sports as well. while i’m into scuba diving, two of my siblings are into windsurfing and another brother of mine is into surfing. i am very happy that for the first time, i actually got to enter their worlds by trying out these 2 sports.

it was march last year when my friend and i accompanied my sister when she went to her usual windsurfing resort when i suddenly decided to seriously learn the sport. i have tried it a couple of years ago when my eldest brother attempted to teach me, but i was a complete failure. balancing on the board alone was such a struggle. on that day however, i just got possessed and had this unexplainable desire to be a certified windsurfer, at least till i finally get to balance on the board. i actually paid for a formal tutorial and spent almost an hour sailing with my instructor. i remember feeling so nervous as i found the sail to be so heavy, plus the whole time my focus was not to let it fall, including myself, not because i was scared of being thrown in the middle of the ocean but because it was such a hassle going back up on the board. i did fall off once, but surprisingly… the next thing i knew i was already navigating it all on my own without my instructor’s guidance plus i got to sail back to the shore solo! the instructor jumped off on the way back and left me alone on the board, making me my own captain. i felt so ecstatic as soon as i hit the sand part, and my friend plus the other people there told me that they could see sparks in my eyes. yes, i was giggling like a kid, it was such a proud moment for me! ;)

after i crossed out windsurfing from my bucket list, of course i wanted to jump to the next level - surfing. this time i had to convince another brother of mine since he’s the only one who surfs in our family. after aggressive pleading, we finally had the time to hit a surfing resort during the halloween break. he brought us to this beach resort, this time northern part of the philippines, and i felt goose bumps as soon as i saw the surfboards lined up and displayed outside the resort. i could feel it in my bones, it was such a "dizizit!" moment. unfortunately, the waves sucked at that time so i didn’t manage to go home with flying colors. i spent most of the time watching and learning how to do the proper strokes and positions, but the waves just weren’t cooperating. i was still happy though, for i got to explore once again outside my comfort zone. i made my brother promise me that we will not stop until i formally learn, and that is definitely included in my goals this year. ✔

i can’t wait till i become a pro in these two… the only thing missing is for me to be put in a cage so i can dive with sharks. someday, life. someday… ㋡

‎5th tan line = WIN! :))
i love anything that has to do with water, and i love biking for it’s a huge part of my childhood. this would be such an awesome toy to have!

i love anything that has to do with water, and i love biking for it’s a huge part of my childhood. this would be such an awesome toy to have!

let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j