no point in denying anymore… sighhh
bahahaha sooooo true! i kid u not! ;-)
so very meee!
simple truth
absolute idiot ✔
i really am. =’(
typical LDR
love this ㋡
harsh fact
but some eyes can be so good in faking…

but some eyes can be so good in faking…

yes i admit it.

YM with a friend who just viewed my tumblr:

  • how come your moods change in a snap?
  • me: it's written in my profile, mostly about moments rather than people.
  • so you mean to say in like 10 minutes you're in different situations with someone?!?
  • me: what makes you say i'm only talking about a single person? my life is too complicated to revolve around just one human being. ;)

let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j