✈ 11 memorable firsts in 2011: 2nd - dream jetset lifestyle ☑ 


a term that was only defined as “road trip” my entire life, because unlike most kids who would travel the world together with their entire family, i grew up to be “travel-deprived”. being the youngest of a huge family composed of 10 was such a big factor because it would cost too much to travel as a whole, plus had i flown with any of my family members back then, i’d be too young to even remember anything. i used to think that excuse was such bullshit, then recently i realized that my parents did have a point - i wouldn’t remember anything if they brought me to such places like disneyland as kid. 

when the year started i had this insane goal of traveling every month. by that i meant alternating flights to domestic and international destinations. it started as a joke till i figured, WHY NOT? i was blessed enough to be financially capable of booking flights here and there, and that actually made my trips more meaningful. i felt proud that this time around not only was i old enough to store my travels in my memory but more importantly, i shouldered my expenses, with no help from my parents at all (except for the flights that i was treated to ü). it made me appreciate my adventures more and at the same time, i really turned out to be a lot responsible and made sure that i handled my finances carefully. 

by the time my year ended, i got to book 14 flights all in all (some were booked for me). i couldn’t believe it myself. i’m not gonna deny that my savings ended up bleeding like hell, but the feeling of self fulfillment was just worth every peso. if there’s one thing to be proud of, i got to travel all the year through budget travels. i found myself obsessing over seat sales of different airlines, and i also became the #1 travel “booker” among my family and friends. instead of adjusting the flights to my schedule, i did the opposite and adjusted my schedule to the flights on sale so i could maximize the discount. moreover, 2011 happened to be the year that i got to travel all alone, with no one to accompany and guard me. i felt so independent and all grown up, the exact feeling i was craving for. 

if there’s any bad side to this goal aside from the crazy expenses, it’s the way that my social life has been affected. i can’t even remember how many events and parties i had to skip due to my full schedule. i had a lot of people complaining left and right that i had no time for them. along with flying out every month, 2011 was also a busy year for out of town trips, simply because i got involved in scuba diving and promised myself to revive my “beached" self. i had to decline a lot social events, and even my friends started joking around that my absences were just plain excuses. every time i would hear a line like that, i’d always tell them "look at my passport" just so they’d believe that i was really away. i have such demanding and aggressive friends, but it’s also the reason why i love them dearly hehe at the end of it all, their whines and rants are just their form of expressing how much they miss me, the very same way i long for them too. it’s not that i was avoiding them on purpose, but i just really promised myself that 2011 would have to be really different from any other year. and just as i hoped, it did end far from my past years, and i can hardly wait till i’ll be ready to repeat this goal again. 

i believe i’ve been so incredibly blessed to have been able to do it especially while i’m still unmarried… no husband nor child to think of nor other obligations to worry. i would see other moms who would travel and get stuck on the phone every few hours just to check on their families back home, and although it was not really an obligation, they would tend to step back on their budget to give way to buying more stuff for their loved ones. in my case it was different. i spent all my travels just pampering and rewarding myself nonstop. my whole life, i would prioritize other people. even when it comes to relationships, i’m more generous to my partner compared to myself. last 2011, i made sure to focus completely on myself, and i’ve truly gone insane in terms of shopping. to be fair, i would only splurge every time i’m out of the country. back home in manila, i still had the decency to avoid temptations as much as i could, at least that’s what i know. ;) 

in closing, i shall share this quote that i randomly found online: “travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” my 2011 jet setting lifestyle may have been really financially challenging, but i guarantee that it’s nothing compared to the insights and growth that i have gained emotionally, mentally and spiritually. i can earn back the money i have lost and spent all year through, but i can never replace the experiences and discoveries that have enriched myself as an individual. sometimes you think you wanna disappear, but all you really want is to be found. i spent most of my 2010 searching for myself, till all my travels and journeys flew me back to my inner soul. i will forever be grateful to my 2011 for that. ☺❤☺

someday. someday. someday. yuhoo destiny… someday!!!
first time in bkk. traveling really opens your world into a new dimension and gives you the peace of mind you never thought you’d find elsewhere.

first time in bkk. traveling really opens your world into a new dimension and gives you the peace of mind you never thought you’d find elsewhere.

let's run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! =j